New details on Harry and Meghan’s life in Canada | ABC News – ABC News

After the couples announcement to break away from the royal family, the pair have had a quiet first week following the frenzy of headlines, emotion and paparazzi. Prince Harry ‘has suffered a lot’ says friend who spoke to him after split from royal familyREA… [+88 Coronavirus]

Glowing green ‘dunes’ in the sky mesmerized skygazers. They turned out to be a new kind of aurora. –

When mysterious glowing stripes of green lit up Finnish skies in 2018, it didn’t go unnoticed by avid aurora chasers. The pattern of light was unfamiliar and strangely perfect, reaching out toward the horizon like a set of celestial sand dunes. Sure enough, … [+5608 PravdaZaDavida]

2 satellites will narrowly avoid colliding over Pennsylvania on Wednesday – Fox News

That’s a bit too close for comfort. Two defunct satellites will apparently zoom past each other at 32,800 mph on Wednesday. LeoLabs, a satellite-tracking company, said they should pass between 50 and 100 feet apart at 6:39 p.m. local time in the sky above P… [+1306 How To Make Money Online UK Edition (2020)]

What’s in your water? Researchers identify new toxic byproducts of disinfecting drinking water –

Mixing drinking water with chlorine, the United States’ most common method of disinfecting drinking water, creates previously unidentified toxic byproducts, says Carsten Prasse from Johns Hopkins University and his collaborators from the University of Califor… [+4018 How To Make Money Online UK Edition (2020)]

Wuhan Coronavirus Map: Tracking the Spread of the Outbreak – The New York Times

The Wuhan coronavirus has sickened more than 4,500 people in Asia, according to statements from health officials. Many other cases are suspected but not confirmed. As of Tuesday morning, at least 106 people have died, all in China. Sources: The Center for Sy… [+2870 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]

GOP concedes Trump may have withheld aid for probes but says it’s not impeachable – CNN

(CNN)A growing number of GOP senators are now acknowledging that President Donald Trump may have leveraged US military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an announcement of investigations that could help him politically — but they contend that even that conduct … [+6124 Lead Lightning – Why you need Lead Lightning…_]